The Milestone

Dr. Faizal Kareem has passed many impressive milestones during his service over the years. A few of his notable achievements in the orthopedic surgery department of Moulana Hospital are mentioned here. Being a consultant in joint replacement surgery, he has performed over 1000 successful Total Joint Replacement surgeries, including primary, complex and revision joint replacement surgeries.

As an experienced arthroscopic surgeon, he had done over 1200 arthroscopic procedures for knee, shoulder and ankle joints. He boosted the orthopedic surgery department of the hospital as the No.1 hub in Kerala for sports injury management, arthroscopy and joint replacement surgery. his centre was the first in Kerala and 4th in India to perform iPod navigated Total Knee Replacement surgery and the first hub in Malabar to start Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Restorative Surgery.

Further, Dr. Faizal Kareem is also the best practition of Total Shoulder Surface Replacement. as well as he was the first joint replacement surgeon in Malabar to perform Total Hip Replacement with Acetabular Reconstruction. All these things have resulted in growth of Moulana Hospital as one of the best centre in Kerala and especially Malabar region for the treatment of various types of joint related diseases.