Dr. Faizal Kareem is known in providing a lot of advanced treatments to cure patients who suffer from various orthopedic disorders. He is able to provide the finest treatments in orthopaedics, certainly by making use of all modern technologies and trends in health industry.


Dr. Faizal Kareem enjoys a special interest in athroplasty, and he prides on successfully performing over 1000 joint replacements of both knee and hip.


Another key area Faizal Kareem focuses on is arthroscopy for knee and shoulder. He has a better track record in leading over 1000 knee arthroscopic surgeries and over 200 shoulder joint arthroscopies.

Sports Injury

Dr Faizal Kareem is very much trained and specialized sports related injuries to knee,shoulder, and ankle by both arthroscopic and open techniques.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

All key treatments in pediatric orthopaedics are carried out by the doctor. From basic pediatric orthopaedics, Clubfoot (PMSTR), DDH (open reduction), Perthes (VDO). to Cubitus varus, Dr. Faizal Kareem is expert in all major treatments.
Moreover, Dr. Faizal Kareem delivers all the best orthopaedic treatments for shoulder, foot and ankle and wrist. They include shoulder hemiarthoplasty, total shoulder replacements and resurfacing for shoulder; hallux valgus, metatarsal head excision in RA, peroneus brevis augmented repair of ruptured tendoachilles for foot and ankle; Carpal tunnel release, scaphoid fracture fixation for wrist.
Dr. Faizal Kareem also attends most of Orthopaedic trauma, intra-articular fractures, pelviacetabular and spine fracture and more.